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About the Quality Truck BodyShop Inc.

With so many places, a dependable truck service shop seems to be hard to choose, since apart from certain differences in price they all seem the same. We have a solution for you - when in doubt - look for experience.

Our Truck Body Shop sports over a whooping 30 years of experience in getting people and cars back on the road safely and quickly. We know the ins and outs of this business, as many customers will be glad to testify. We are here to stay and have proven it by decades of dedicated and diligent service that we provide to our customers.

The shop was established and is still run by true and devoted automotive enthusiasts. We build from the top. What does it mean? It means that the owners of our operation started off as employees in body shops, gaining their experience in real mechanical work and getting familiar with many different vehicle makes and models. 

There is nothing that can replace or out-value this when it comes to auto mechanics, nothing at all. No business sense can make an automotive shop thrive and ensure swift, efficient and cost-effective repairs as much as good old hands-on experience can. And we, in the Truck Body Shop take great pride in that.

Building from the top means also that we know full well the necessity of supporting our foundations. What does this mean? This means we understand that an automotive service shop is based on its employees. In fact, this base has to be the strongest part of the operation. We never underestimate or undervalue expert workmanship and experience in our employees and spare no expenses in hiring the best hands we can get.

The result is that you get a shop that is both managed and directly operated by devoted car enthusiasts and automotive specialists. Nothing can compare to this in safety, efficiency and speed of service.

Our expert management took advantage of the good years to build a solid client base and reinforce our financial foundation which helped us pull through some of the harder times. While many shops closed down during the last recession, we persisted, pulled through and eventually thrived as a proven service that is not going anywhere. We are here for you, rain or shine or thunderstorm.

Over thirty years after opening shop, we are still in business and are a booming success. After so long in the industry, we can easily say that reliability is our strongest point - so whenever you need a dependable car, truck, SUV or other vehicle repair or collision service, call us and you will get all that and more: We do paint jobs, collision service, transmissions, heavy vehicle collision repair and pretty much any service, maintenance or repair your vehicle may require!

Among our additional services is also an in house car rental that is available for our clients at door crasher rates. Hundreds of happy and dedicated clients say Yes to the Quality Truck BodyShop Inc.. Become one of them today and you will never need another car repair service again.


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