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Heavy Truck Collision

When a car breaks down or gets into an accident, it is a bad inconvenience that results in loss of time and money. When a heavy truck does, it is a real disaster. We approach heavy truck collision repairs with a full understanding that this truck is your livelihood and primary source of income. We know that every hour it spends in the shop is an hour irretrievably lost. Getting heavy truck collision repairs in a hurry is our strongest side.

Here are the main reasons why you should repair at our Heavy Truck Collision Centre:

We work FAST. In order to reduce downtime as much as possible and minimize your losses as an owner/operator or company, we will go out of our way to expedite part delivery and reduce repair times as much as possible.

We Work in Stages. This allows your truck to work too. By working directly with you and planning a multi-stage repair, we allow you to take on loads in between repair stages. We will make every possible effort to allow you to drive your truck, just as we work towards bringing it back to its original condition and status.

We are Fully Equipped. To expedite the repair process, we have a 24,000 square foot facility, staffed with 25 experienced truck experts, stacked with a large inventory of used truck parts, 3 commercial truck paint booths, and a full detail department to make your truck feel like new both on the inside and out, including aluminum and stainless steel polishing. It will purr and shine like a brand new beast once we are done pampering it in our shop.

Surplus Heavy Truck Parts. As we said, we carry a vast inventory of used heavy truck parts that can be immediately implemented to get your truck up and running in the minimum amount of time. We are stocked with all the essentials - fenders, hoods, sleeper cabs, lights and much, much more. We usually have differentials in stock as well as standard and aftermarket engine parts for multiple vehicle makes and models.

We Hire Only Dedicated Professionals. We spare no effort or expense in investing in the best qualified heavy truck collision and automotive experts. Our employees have both the best training and hands-on experience in collision repairs, and are also always ready to listen to the client and provide professional assistance or advice wherever it is required. This usually contributes to you making the most informed choices to see your truck fully restored to its original shape and luster.

We Guarantee Quality Repairs. We will waste no time repairing your truck but we will never do it in a reckless hurry. Our dedicated staff will make the best time possible without cutting corners. The company has made huge investments in modern repair and diagnostic equipment and highly trained professional labor. We will miss nothing and make sure you get the best result you can hope for without losing any time unnecessarily.

In addition to our heavy truck collision repair facilities, we carry a broad automotive repairs experience and can assist you with repairs of most any kind, including electrical components, transmission, alignment, and engine repairs.

We offer only the best service in the minimal time frames possible so call us today and you may well find yourself back on the road tomorrow!


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